DEV260 Development Fixtures

The DEV260 Development Fixture is your go-to circuit board testing solution for product development and low-volume testing. Leveraging automated design workflows and laser cutting manufacturing techniques we are able to deliver bespoke fixtures in 1-2 weeks.

Key Advantages

  • Firmware Development and Debugging
    • Probe closely spaced test points with ease, forgoing the need for debugger connectors or footprints.
  • Manufacturing Test Development
    • Jumpstart your manufacturing tests while test point locations are still fluid. Utilize the DEV260 for your initial production tests, deferring the investment in pricier fixtures until your product is finalized and test points are fixed.

DEV260 Specifications

Useable Area (WxD): 190mm x 175mm

Minimum Test Point Spacing: 1.27mm (50mil)

Free Space Above PCB: 45mm

Outer Dimensions (WxDxH): 206mm x 200mm x 140mm

Weight: Approximately 3lbs

Materials: Crafted from durable Acrylic and MDF


Pressure Plate Support

For fixtures exceeding 50 test points, this 3D-printed support enhances the rigidity of the Pressure Plate, ensuring optimal contact between the device under test (DUT) and the fixture's test probes.

DEV260 Pressure Plate Support

Fixture Side Plates

Recommended for fixtures with over 100 test points. These plates add additional rigidity to the Probe Plate, maintaining uniform height across all test points upon fixture closure. Furthermore, they fully encase the fixture, preventing wire protrusion and making it an excellent fit for production environments.

DEV260 Side Plates

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