Turnkey Test Systems

Modular test systems for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs).


We use Ingun fixtures bases, Acroname instrumentation, and our own software platform to design and deliver quality test fixtures in a fraction of the time of other vendors. In addition to the mechanical test fixture, we deliver three primary components to complete the system.

Testpoint Carrier Board

  • Custom PCB that the test probe receptacles are soldered to.
  • Interfaces test probes to test instrumentation.

Test Instrumentation

  • Controls the DUT and runs tests.
  • A computer for running the tests.

Test Software

  • Customizable, python-based framework.
  • Executes tests and reports results.

FixturFab's Turnkey Test Systems include requirements and specification development, system installation, and startup support. We have comprehensive sustaining service options.

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