Testing is always the bottleneck.

Designing and Manufacturing a custom, reliable bed of nails test fixture is time-consuming and error-prone. Selecting and integrating automated test equipment and then developing test software requires a specialized skill set.

FixturFab sells customized Test Fixtures that are quickly delivered and Turnkey Test Systems that work out of the box with integrated instrumentation and software.

Integrate a test fixture into your existing setup or let FixturFab design the entire test system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of testing does FixturFab provide?

FixturFab specializes in designing and manufacturing bed of nails Test Fixtures for Printed Circuit Board Assembly Functional Testing (PCBA FCT).

Does FixturFab support ICT testing?

We can, but implementing some of the test requirements may require additional time and materials to provide a solution that falls outside our standard products.

How much do FixturFab products cost?

See our Test Fixture and Test System pages.

What's the lead time for a Test Fixture?

See our Test Fixture and Test System pages.

Where is FixturFab located?

Our primary manufacturing workshop is located in Seattle, Washington.