The Future of Fixtures

Automated PCBA Test Fixture Design for Fast-paced Hardware Companies

How it works

Printed Circuit Board


FixturFab analyzes ECAD files to automatically identify test points, mounting holes, and other test features.

We support the following file formats:

  • Altium Testpoint Reports (.csv)
  • Eagle (.brd)
  • Gerbers (.zip)
  • Kicad (.kicad_pcb)


Choose test probe and receptacle types from a list of parts that are compatible with the fixture. Add, modify, and remove probes and guide pins as needed.

DUT location and panelization settings can also be configured, allowing for the fixture to test an entire panel at a time.

Visually review a generated fixture before finalizing the design.

Need help designing your fixture? Check out our Test Fixture Guide.

Big Easy Driver Render
Ingun MA260 Plates


Download the FixturFab Design File Package which includes everything needed to build the fixture.

Use the files to fabricate the plates using a 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, or CNC Mill.

Order remaining parts from the BOM to prepare for assembly.


Attach all probes and guide pins, integrate your test instrumentation, and run your tests!

Something not working? We provide personal support for all FixturFab test fixtures.

Ingun MA260 FCT

Time matters

Hardware is hard

Developing hardware is difficult and developing without proper tools is inefficient. FixturFab enables you to speed up development by providing PCBA test fixture designs for development or production in minutes.

Faster firmware

Development test fixtures remove roadblocks and headaches that firmware developers encounter daily. There is no longer a need to solder power cables or programming headers to PCBA's and no more debugging of loose connections and broken solder joints.

Less Manufacturing Headaches

PCBA functional tests can be developed earlier and in less time by providing prototype fixtures and reducing the time needed to design a production capable fixture.