Development test fixtures are designed for use during prototyping, EVT, and DVT.

Development Test Fixture Types

sofar-dev260-3d-printed-dut.png DEV2112 DEV260 Pro Render
DEV260 Pro
New Test Fixture
Replica Test Fixture
Replica Test Fixture Kit
New Exchangeable Cartridge

The estimated starting prices listed above are for the initial test fixture with 50 single-sided test points with bare test probe receptacles.

  • This assumes the Device Under Test (DUT) follows our Design For Test (DFT) guidelines.
  • Integrating Automated Test Equipment (ATE) changes the classification of a Test Fixture into a Test System. They have a higher price to complete the system-level architecture, electrical design work, and defining and executing a system validation plan.

Use Cases

Low Cost and Shortest Lead Time

  • Designed to save time testing low volumes of prototypes.

Firmware Development

  • Add hardware in the loop (HIL) tests as firmware features are developed.
  • Automated continuous integration testing of new firmware releases.

Engineering Testing

  • Quickly test multiple circuit boards while only having to connect instrumentation once.

Production Test Development

  • Start developing test specifications before locking the board design and layout.
  • Reduces the risk of production delays due to last-minute changes and updates needed to implement production tests

Low-Volume Production Testing

  • For low-volume products, the reduced cost of a development test fixture can help make using a test fixture feasible.
  • Can be used for production testing while you wait for a more robust fixture to be developed.

Pro-Series Development Test Fixtures

The DEV260 Pro is the most recent addition to the FixturFab Development Fixtures product line. With a maximum testing area of 170mm x 130mm it can handle the majority of circuit boards that we have needed to test. Don’t worry, a larger version is in the works too! The Pro-Series development fixtures feature:

  • a linear closing movement, where the last 10mm of lid travel is vertical for improved reliability.
  • exchangeable cartridges to save time and money when the test fixture needs to be updated.
DEV260 Pro Render
A CAD Render of FixturFab's DEV260 Pro Development Test Fixture
Closing Action - DEV260 Pro
DEV260 Pro's Closing Action

Cartridge Types

The MDF cartridge is rapidly manufactured. It can be delivered within two weeks and features a probe plate populated with receptacles that can be wire-wrapped or soldered. For higher volumes, a machined G10 fiberglass plate is also available.

DEV260 Pro MDF Cartridge - ISO
MDF Cartridge Probe Plate Assembly Render
DEV260 Pro MDF Cartridge - Detail
MDF Cartridges feature Wire-Wrap or Solder Cup Receptacles

The Auto-Cartridge builds on our Auto-TPCB design tools to create a PCB-based cartridge to enable rapid development of test systems. Receptacles are soldered directly to both the top and bottom PCBs of the cartridge, with the bottom PCB also containing connectors to interface with various instrumentation.

DEV260 Pro TPCB Cartridge - ISO
Auto-Cartridge is creating using a stack of 2 Auto-TPCBs
DEV260 Pro TPCB Cartridge - Detail
Auto-Cartridges can also use Turnkey TPCBs

We also support Turnkey TPCB’s, which can contain various interface and support circuitry. The cartridges can be quickly swapped out on our Pro-Series development fixtures using a 2mm and 3mm Hex Screwdrivers.

Standard-Series Development Test Fixtures

Our standard series of Development Fixtures are available in two different sizes and are great for initial product and test development. The DEV260 has a working area of up to 196mm x 180mm and the DEV2112 has a working area of 218mm x 447mm.

A Render of FixturFab's DEV260 Development Test Fixture
Closing Action - DEV260
A DEV260's Closing Action

Traditionally test fixture development isn’t started until near the end of the product development cycle, typically during the Design Validation Testing (DVT) and/or Production Validation Testing (PVT) phases, due to the fluid nature of the circuit board design in the initial stages of product development and the high-cost and low-flexibility of a mass-production capable fixture.

FixturFab’s Development Test Fixtures use lower-cost materials and faster fabrication methods (Laser-Cutting, Quick-Turn PCB Manufacturing). While these fixtures are not designed to withstand the strains of mass-producing hundreds of thousands of units, they’re more than capable of testing hundreds to several thousand, getting you through your production pilot.

Customizing for your Device Under Test (DUT)

Configure a Test Fixture

FixturFab can suggest a starting point and help plan your testing by answering a few quick questions.

Submit Final Design Files

Before FixturFab can design and manufacture a custom product, we'll need to review the final Device Under Test (DUT) design files.

Development Fixture Kits

Standard Development Test Fixture Kits

Purchase the design and a kit of parts to assemble any standard-series development test fixture.

DEV260 Pro Cartridge Kits

Purchase the custom cartridge for any pro-series development test fixture.