Production test fixtures are designed for use during PVT and production.

Production Test Fixture Types

ma2111 ma2112 ma2113 ma2114-hg
MA2111 Series
MA2112 Series
MA2113 Series
MA2114 Series
New Test Fixture
Replica Test Fixture
New Exchangeable Cartridge

The estimated starting prices listed above are for the initial test fixture with 50 single-sided test points with bare test probe receptacles.

  • This assumes the Device Under Test (DUT) follows our Design For Test (DFT) guidelines.
  • Additional features like Top and Side Probing increase the complexity and price of each Test Fixture.
  • Integrating Automated Test Equipment (ATE) changes the classification of a Test Fixture into a Test System. They have a higher price to complete the system-level architecture, electrical design work, and defining and executing a system validation plan.

Use Cases

Mass Production

  • With robust materials, the addition of a moving plate, and a fiberglass probe plate, production test fixtures provide reliable results for up to millions of test cycles.

Exchangeable Cartridge Support

Advanced Probing

Best-in-class ESD and RF support

  • Specialized cartridge materials protect sensitive electronic circuitry or provide a shielded cage.

Safety Features

Ingun-Series Production Test Fixtures

Use the test fixture base to conveniently store automated test equipment.

An Ingun MA 2111/D/H/S-5 test fixture base.
An Ingun MA 2111/D/H/S-5/HG "high desktop" test fixture base.

FixturFab specializes in manual test fixture designs for PCBA functional testing but can support custom requests for vacuum or pneumatic test fixture options.

An Ingun vacuum test fixture base.
An Ingun pnreumatic test fixture base.

In addition to Ingun’s standard ATS exchangeable test fixture cartridges, FixturFab can select and customize any specialized cartridge, such as those for ESD or RF-sensitive testing environments.

An Ingun ATS MA11/S-5/ESD exchangeable cartridge.
An Ingun ATS MA11/HF/AL/ESD exchangeable cartridge.

Customizing for your Device Under Test (DUT)

Configure a Test Fixture

FixturFab can suggest a starting point and help plan your testing by answering a few quick questions.

Submit Final Design Files

Before FixturFab can design and manufacture a custom product, we'll need to review the final Device Under Test (DUT) design files.