Test Systems

A comprehensive design process is essential for a class of Test Fixtures that is towards the higher end of complexity and integration, and we call this a Test System.

FixturFab can provide just the Hardware Test System so you can develop your own test cases or a Turnkey Test System that works out of the box.

Systems typically include

  • A central CPU resource responsible for running Test Software, determining the test outcome, & writing/organizing log file information.
  • Integrated instrumentation that is programmatically controlled.
  • A Test-point Carrier Board (TPCB) that electrically connects the Device Under Test (DUT) to the Test Fixture via a multitude of test points and is typically equipped with onboard support circuits, including functions like power injectors, analog multiplexers, voltage translators, GPIO control, and many others.
Generic Test System Block Diagram

System Type

Ballpark Final Price

Lead Time

Test System Blueprints


1 - 4 weeks

Hardware Test Systems


6 - 10 weeks

Turnkey Test Systems


8 - 16 weeks

Process to Deliver a Test System

Test Systems are designed to execute complex Functional Test Plans, and are most often implemented in production-level fixtures (although development-level fixtures also occasionally fall into this category). Fixture designs that are very simple (e.g., mechanical-only Test Fixtures) do not require this level of design effort.

FixturFab has developed a standard, comprehensive process for designing Test Systems, summarized in the following flowchart.