Bed-of-Nails Production Fixtures

From Mechanical Design to Assembly


By leveraging advancements in generative design and rapid manufacturing, FixturFab can develop mechanical test fixtures on demand. Our automation allows us to quote much lower than other contractors. We provide a variety of services catered to your needs.

FixturFab Design File Package

  • All files needed to fabricate and assemble your own fixture.
  • Includes all CAD files, assembly drawing files, a BOM, and our support.

FixturFab Design File Package + Fabrication

  • Let us handle the 3D printing, laser-cutting, or CNC machining for you.
  • You will receive a package with all parts needed to assemble your own fixture.

FixturFab Design File Package + Fabrication + Assembly

  • We fabricate and assemble your complete mechanical fixture.

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